If you're struggling to piece together your course launch strategy, you need this...


Course Launch Planner

The fastest and most simple way to plan your course launch.

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If you want to:
Have your next (or first) successful, sell-out course launch 

Create a repeatable launch system that you can use time and time again to create a multi 5 to 6-figure cash injection (and then some!) in your business 

Establish yourself as an authority in your niche

Transition away from 1:1 services that drag on for weeks

Move towards a lifestyle-based business that includes more freedom, flexibility, and the ability to work from anywhere
But you don't want to:
Spend weeks or months creating an online course that nobody wants to buy 

Have to stick to a “one-size-fits-all” marketing strategy that doesn’t fit your lifestyle or goals 

 Worry about how you’re going to attract the right audience for your course

Guess your way through what to say in your marketing content and when you should say it to drive conversions

And you don't know how to:
Write about your offer so it sounds utterly irresistible to your ideal student

Build a list of buyers so your ideal students pull out their wallets as soon as your course goes live

Warm up your audience with prelaunch marketing content without giving away all of your insider secrets, so people actually want to join your course to learn from you

Structure your launch and what you should say every single day to get people to buy

Create a sales page that converts as well as an email sequence that gets eyeballs on your sales page
If this sounds familiar

And all you want is a clear, proven process, specifically designed for your as a course creator without buying yet another course that adds to your already never-ending to-do list or paying a ton of money for a copywriter to write all your launch content for you…

Then this is for you.



Course Launch Planner

Secure Checkout. 7-Day Money-Back-Guarantee

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

Map out your first (or next) course launch in a weekend and get ready to have your most successful course launch yet.


Position Your Irresistible Offer

How to do market research to attract the right buyers for your program

How to name and message your offer so it sounds utterly irresistible

How to price your offer to hit the sweet spot between generating demand and profit

The simple formula to set your sales goals and plan for traffic


Create Your Course
Understand the different ways you can create your course content (there’s no one-size-fits-all approach!)

How to fit creating your course into your current workload in a way that suits your lifestyle

The different platforms you can use to deliver your course


Build an Audience of Buyers
Understand 8 proven lead magnet formats and figure out which one is best for your audience

How to create a strategic lead magnet that aligns with your paid course so it grows your email list with an audience of buyers

How to write prelaunch content that nurtures your audience (step by step with examples!)


Craft Your Launch Content
How to plan your launch timeline so you know what to say every day 

How to kick off your launch with a high-converting launch event that generates sales

The Simple Sales Page & Email Sequence Frameworks that allows you to write your copy fast

How to create launch social media posts to captivate, engage, and convert your audience

Hey, I'm Elise and I'm a seasoned launch strategist and former launch copywriter

I've been the driving force behind multi 5 and 6-figure launches over the last 5 years...

When course creators come to me, they’ve either launched to crickets or had a successful launch but then made less sales the second or third time they launched.

I help course creators just like you craft an irresistible offer, build a list of buyers, and convert their audience with magnetic content over a strategic launch timeline

Inside this course launch planner, I’m sharing my proven strategies that are usually only reserved for my 1:1 clients... with you. This will allow you to have a successful course launch and a repeatable system to launch again in the future!

Secure Checkout. 7-Day Money-Back-Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions:

I am a new course creator and I'm just getting started. Will this still work for me?

Yes, this is perfect for you. You can use your planner to have your first launch and get your first paying students.

I've launched my course a few times before. Will I still find value?

Yes, this is a great option for you. Inside, I share conversion-focused tips and strategies I’ve used during my time as a launch copywriter. You won’t find these kinds of tips in any typical program about how to launch a course.

Can I wait and buy this later?

Yes, but I’m not sure how long this product will be available and the price can go up any time (this is a special introductory price).

Does this only work for B2B course creators?

No, this works for all kinds of coaches, content and course creators who want to monetise their expertise, build an audience of buyers, and make a great living online.

I am not tech-savvy. Do I need a bunch of tools to make this work?

No, this is very beginner and budget-friendly and you don't need to be good with tech or spend a lot of money on software.

I don't have a course idea yet. Will this still work for me?

YES! This helps you to get clarity about the problems you can solve for potential students. It's a great first step for getting started with your online course.

When will I get access?

You will receive a link with all the details immediately after your purchase.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 7-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

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